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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I learnt in the #smli webinar Part 2 (Twitter Strategy)

Some people are crazily addicted to online games. Do you know the reason why? Because of three things - it engages them, rewards them, and makes them feel good about themselves. I play online games for the same reasons. Sometimes they are so addictive that its hard pull myself out. Broadly, people are attracted to microblogging platform Twitter for the same reasons. It engages users around the topics of their interest unlike any other social networking site. For companies, rewards come from Twitter in the form of website traffic, new visitors and brand popularity.  
In the second part of the Advanced Social Media Marketing webinar, Sean touched on some activities that a Twitter user must implement to reap the full benefits of the site. He breaks it down into eight steps:

Step 1 - Add friends

Step 2 – Remove irrelevant followers

Step 3 - Interact and engage

Step 4 - Be authentic

Step 5- Follow and interact with key influencers

Step 6 - Share great relevant content for you niche

Step 7 - Retweet thought leaders

Step 8 - Create content and share it

Being a Twitter fanatic myself, I’d like to add a few cents of my own. The microblogging site is also a great search tool for finding information on topics of your interest. I use the site personally to get the latest and most insightful social media content on the net. It is real-time, interesting and insightful and that’s the reason why people choose to tweet it. If you have some questions or would like to talk with the person who shares similar interests, you can start talking instantly. Isn’t that amazing?

Twitter by itself is half the story. There are other tools built on the site’s API that facilitate the user experience.  I have used Tweet Analyzer, Tweet Chat, Postling, TweetPic, Tweet Deck and few other tools to enhance my performance on the microblogging site. These sites cut the long story short providing us with new ways of engaging users with content.

I don’t like reading lengthy blogs so I’ll wave good bye for now. I have some more ‘valuable inputs’ on Twitter but I’ll keep that for the next time.

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