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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Facebook Introduces the ‘Send’ Button

Facebook adds another tool to its set by introducing the ‘Send’ button. The ‘Send’ button allows selective sharing of favorite content with friends. It is different from the ‘Like’ button in the sense that it allows Facebook users to share relevant content with selected friends rather than with everyone. For example, Humber College publishes a blog related to the launch of its Twitter account. If the Humber blog has a ‘Send’ button, then on clicking the button I’ll be able to select my friends at Humber and share the update with them. I won’t have to ‘Like’ the blog and share it with everyone, but instead, I will have the power to choose whom to send the update.  

How will it affect the growing online community?

Well, in my opinion, it will take some time for people to absorb the update. The usage will increase as people get accustomed to this button. I believe that people are still getting used to their ‘Like’ button so how long this will take will depend on how other websites incorporate this button and spread the word.
 When the users are fairly accustomed, it will give them a chance to selectively customize and share the message. The ‘Send’ button will help small business owners to distribute relevant content to their clients. This could be important for their business as it will give them another way to spark discussions and build better relationships. Overusing the ‘Send’ button could, however, crumble their relationship.

What do you think? Will the ‘Send’ button make a difference?

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